10 October 2014

Construction defects could become issue in governor's race

According to today's Denver Business Journal, construction defects have emerged as a potential issue in Colorado's gubernatorial race. During last night's debate, Republican challenger Bob Beauprez criticized incumbent Democrat John Hickenlooper for failing to help senators with a last-minute push to enact a bill stripping away homeowner protections in construction disputes. Republicans had argued that the bill was needed to appease apartment developers who claim that quality control and insurance costs are too high on condominium projects.

Beauprez's attempt to blame Hickenlooper for this issue is a stretch. Hickenlooper is a former real estate developer who frequently sides with the homebuilders on construction matters, and he said during the debate that he was open to some sort of compromise. When I last spoke with Hickenlooper, he was staying out of the debate over construction defect laws, and he was not involved in the senate leadership's decision not to hear S.B. 220 at the end of the 2014 session. It will be interesting to see if this subject draws further interest from the candidates as the election nears.