08 August 2022

New article on credit card surcharges in Colorado

I recently authored an article on credit card surcharges in Colorado, which had been one of the few states to prohibit such fees. Under a 2021 law that just took effect, merchants may now charge customers for the privilege of using cards, though it may not be the best idea. 

Click here to read the full article on the Frascona website.

Credit cards

03 August 2022

Bringing back the blog

So my venerable old website crashed a few months ago, but between a couple of backup files and the resources at archive.org, I was able to salvage my old resources and upload them here. I don't post very often anymore, but I figured I might as well put this content back online in case it are useful to anyone. I think I fixed the broken links, but no promises. Enjoy!

28 February 2022

Federal appeals court grants relief to refugee fleeing torture in Cameroon

Last month, the Tenth Circuit in Denver issued a key opinion granting my client's petition for review of a Board of Immigration Appeals order in Takwi v. Garland, 22 F.4th 1180 (10th Cir. 2022).

The Petitioner is a member of the Anglophone community in Cameroon, which faces violent repression and persecution by the Francophone government. He was arrested and tortured by the Cameroonian military on two occasions, after being targeted based on his family's association with the Southern Cameroon National Council, a group that advocates against marginalization by the government. He fled for his life in 2018 and sought asylum in the United States. Although he gave credible and consistent testimony through his proceedings, an Immigration Judge (IJ) rejected his application based on perceived inconsistencies between his testimony and a supporting affidavit written by his brother.

03 November 2021

CREJ publishes new article on retainage limits

Today, the Colorado Real Estate Journal published an article I wrote with Lauren Taylor summarizing a new law limiting retainage to 5% on many private construction contracts in Colorado. Click here to read the full text.

The new law follows an unsuccessful effort in 2014 to pass similar legislation. I testified at a hearing back then and blogged about it at the time. I was not involved in the recent legislation.